Paul Kalkbrenner reveal new tracks on his first Studiosession

If there’s a dj who we’d love to spend a day with that’s Paul Kalkbrenner. Since we saw him acting in Berlin Calling he conquered us with his spontaneity and friendliness. So we had a big smile when we saw a notification on our YouTube channel: Paul has started a studiosession! He chitchat with friends…

Electronic music for nature lovers – WAHA festival

Waha is one of the top Romanian festivals for electronic music. It take place in the magical forests of Transylvania, up on a hill (or a small mountain, I’ve never figure it out) three main stages, a few smaller ones, cafes, bars, restaurants (with plenty of vegetarians options), workshops, chill areas live together. As you…

24hrs with TommyAndMary – Rock band buskers in London

If our way of filming is unique is because we don’t just film musicians, we spend time with them, we learn from their way of living life, we have fun and share as only friends can do. One of our greatest 24 hours was with the punk-rock band TommyAndMary. We first saw them busking in…

How to film at WE ARE FSTVL with just a GoPro

These days there are so many options that it’s hard to choose the perfect camera for your purpose. Do you go for best quality with the disadvantage of portability and weight (which it can became a real problem towards the end of a filming day) or you choose a more portable set up that allows…

Exploring Perugia with Dave DK

We had the chance to spend some time with Dave DK on the occasion of his gig in Perugia, Italy. He played for Innergroove in an unusual but lovely club at the door of the city. We met with Dave and the promoters in Bologna international airport, where we both landed from different cities (Berlin…

How electronic music can benefit from COVID-19

I know, these are difficult times for dance music. Our scene relays on parties, people dancing, hugging, kissing and exploring the world on electronic vibes. But now we are unable to do all these things, we have to stay indoors, we can’t share with others as you use to. And the worst thing of all…

Ricardo Villalobos grabbed my GoPro at Sunwaves festival

Summer is coming, beautiful Romanian girls are ready to dance with you under the hot sun and the sea breeze in Constanța. What do you have to say? We said yes for sure and went to Sunwaves festival opening the season in May. But we didn’t arrive by train, car or van, we made our…

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