We spent a day with Techno DJ Alexx Petrenko on a very cold day

It was – 18 degrees in Sofia when we decided to meet Alexx Petrenko for an interview. Luis, our host had two coats on but that wasn’t enough to prevent him from shivering. Luckily Alex warmed him up with indian food and good vibes.

Alex talked about Techno music in Sofia and Bulgaria, a vibrant underground scene that still fight with old traditional music in the country.

They went to the famous Yalta club, walked through the not-so-spacious dance floor and around the dj boots (which is located kind of in the middle of the room) to experience the unique use of space: while playing the DJ feel like being in middle of the party, the dancing take action all around.

They finished off by drinking coffee and chatting. It was so nice to meet such a friendly human and talented artist as Alexx that Luis lost track of the time and almost missed its flight back to London.

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