24hrs with TommyAndMary – Rock band buskers in London

If our way of filming is unique is because we don’t just film musicians, we spend time with them, we learn from their way of living life, we have fun and share as only friends can do.

One of our greatest 24 hours was with the punk-rock band TommyAndMary.

We first saw them busking in Oxford street in London, it wasn’t just the big crowd standing that grabbed our attention, neither the fact that Mary, a lovely tiny girl, was playing a full size drum kit, but it was their energy. You could feel it from far away, there was something in Tommy’s voice as well as in every Mary’s stroke. It was the passion everyone seek, the love for the things that matters, is believing in something not tangible but that exist.

So when we wrote them an email asking if they were up to be filmed for 24 hours straight (night included) by a filmmaker the same passion they shown in the streets revealed. The idea seems perfect for them as it would show a day in their life. A life that was truly unique: Tommy and Mary lived in a share flat in south London, every morning they take their kit (for Tommy is just a guitar with an amp but for Mary is a full drum kit) and go out in the streets, they find the right spot (there are a few in the city where buskers can play without permission) and then cue (buskers’ main rule is to wait in line for the other to finish their session), once the spot is free they start unpacking (imagine setting up a drum kit every time), they finally have the chance to earn some money playing (there are some generous people who gives £5, £10 or even £20, so they can make quite a lot) but they usually have just the time for one session (20 minutes), then is time to pack up and move to the next location.

For someone that sees all this for the first time is fascinating and thrilling but imagine doing the same routine every day, sometimes under bad weather conditions as rain or snow.

They can stop whenever they feel like, if they earn enough they can leave early, if they still have energies that can stay out at night. This time they finished around 5pm, as a normal daytime job in UK. Before coming back home Luis and Tommy went to the grocery shop to buy some ingredients for dinner. Luis offered to make a Carbonara and they all seem pretty exited about the Italian dish.

Cooking together make them feel as they were just old friends catching up. Somehow music have the power to connect people who doesn’t know each other but yet they share something deep.

Tommy and Mary are not just musicians though, they are wonderful humans who aren’t afraid of living life fully and to share it with others.

You can watch 24 hours with TommyAndMary full video here!

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