Social experiment for your aftermovie? Flowers to strangers on our way to the party

One of our best client asked us to film their birthday party event. We filmed their parties many times before so we knew the crowd, one of the best, the vibes and the message they wanted to spread. The party would happened during the day and that was what made it special for us. The daylight gives room for new ideas and we had many.

We agreed to film some interesting moments during the party in a Vérité style (of course!) but we wanted to do more, something that would break the four walls of a dark club, something to bring the joy of the party outside, to the people who were living other lives: how about a family walking in the streets? Or a couple having their breakfast on a sunny day in London? And the workers who have to smile at every customers but still they are there, present in this life and so ready to enjoy.

We thought of all these people and so decided to have them in our video.

What would happen if we would gave people, random strangers, flowers on our way to the party?

Would that bring the good vibes of love we were about to experience at the party to a different crowd, one made of people living their everyday life?

We wanted to experience this so we did. Our filmmaker documented his journey to the party from when he leaved the house till he reached, after the party, his girlfriend’s house. On the way he stopper to a market, bought some flowers and gave those to strangers on the way to the party.

Instead of talking more about it the best thing we can do is to show you the video:

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