Exploring Perugia with Dave DK

We had the chance to spend some time with Dave DK on the occasion of his gig in Perugia, Italy. He played for Innergroove in an unusual but lovely club at the door of the city.

We met with Dave and the promoters in Bologna international airport, where we both landed from different cities (Berlin and London). It was a nice sunny day so the drive from Bologna to Perugia was actually really nice, also considering our stops at cafes on the way.

When we checked in at the hotel was still early afternoon so Luis (our filmmaker) and Dave when for a walk out. They explore the old town, tried Italian specialities, such as pizza, and looked for the best vinery to try some wine. Dave is such a nice guy, so friendly and open, that is very easy getting along with.

Dinner time. They all went out, with the promoters and club owners to eat together. The restaurant, a trattoria, was weird: the food was really good but they seems to take only the orders they wanted so it turned out not to be enough food and to wait for more it took a tremendous amount of time. Overall it was fun, at the end what make the good vibes are the people.

Luis and Dave went resting at the hotel for few hours, at midnight they arrived at the venue, which was still empty. With Dave playing at 1am the night didn’t look that promising. But as always in these situations there isn’t much to do. You can only complain with everybody who’s wandering in the room and send bad looks to the promoters who should have done a better marketing campaign or you can just stop worring and making the best of that time with the few people present. That’s what we did, and so we started drinking with Dave.

He played from 1:30am to 4am. It was killing it even if the people in the room seems a bit odd. They were mostly dressed as metal/punk rockers from early 2000 attending a gig in a filthy garage. I wasn’t too sure they knew it was alla about electronic music that night. But they were dancing, strangely they did dance, and they looked happy so that’s all it matters.

Our footage looked really nice. The lights were perfect and we had full access to backstage area, wardrobe to leave part of the kit. The guys from Innergroove were really cool, they put out a really nice show and the fact that Dave DK was there tell everything about it. We might have just wanted a better crow but we know that’s something you can’t really control. You work hard to put on the best show possibile and even if you everything right from your side there is still the other half you can’t control. The crowd is different in every city, what we find out is that cities with a strong community in the electronic scene (or different communities as in our city: London) are the best to organise party as these people all move together, they know how to party and when to leave the venue (usually they never leave, the owner have to kick them out).

At the end it was a great night also because it was preceide by a great day. We packed our stuff and went straight back to the hotel. Shower. Three hours sleep and ready to go. We met with Dave at breakfast in the hotel. He looked fresh as nothing happen, you can tell he knows how to live this king of life. Such a nice guy!

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