How electronic music can benefit from COVID-19

I know, these are difficult times for dance music. Our scene relays on parties, people dancing, hugging, kissing and exploring the world on electronic vibes. But now we are unable to do all these things, we have to stay indoors, we can’t share with others as you use to. And the worst thing of all is that we don’t know when all this will come to an end. We don’t know till when we have to hold, to wait, to keep believing.

If you wan to know how much the COVID-19 virus is affecting the scene click here for an updated Resident Advisor report on the situation.

Seeing the nature of the current situation we should stop thinking of what we are loosing (major festival cancelled, clubs shut down and music tour postponed) and focus of how we can use this time. We should think of why we love music, we should start listening to music with different ears.

I’m listening to this track while looking outside the window. It’s strange to think there’s a pandemic out there, from here everything look soo peaceful.

Birds are flying, the grass is shining under the sunset yellow-red coloured and I’m alive.

I actually never felt so alive in a long time. I don’t have to worry about going to work everyday and being a nice guy for all the others, it doesn’t matter anymore because it’s all fucked. That system collapsed and, at least for now, there’s nothing to worry about, because we are still alive.

Rulers of this system realised they knew nothing about the world, and this unpredicted disease is says it all

We can think of music as something that connect us to nature in the first place, something so strong that place us on the ground, real solid ground, not that one made by politicians and people with big mounts. Now is the time to believe more in ourselves and forget about the rest, we can start truly living on our ideas. There’s really nothing that can stop us to live this way because there’s nothing really matters anymore. But music is still music, so let it carry the good energy directly to our soul. Let’s use music to break walls, to go over millions of words and speeches, I don’t care about those, I care about the vibes sent through sound.

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