Ricardo Villalobos grabbed my GoPro at Sunwaves festival

Summer is coming, beautiful Romanian girls are ready to dance with you under the hot sun and the sea breeze in Constanța. What do you have to say?

We said yes for sure and went to Sunwaves festival opening the season in May. But we didn’t arrive by train, car or van, we made our way with style on a bus rented by Desperados brand. Only influencers, media people and friends were officially invited to dance on the bus for four hours (or were more hours? who remembered!) while Bucharest DJ duo would play a live session of their deep house / techno music.

It was fun, we drunk Desperados beers, we dance (well, we tried!), we looked at the not-changing-so-much landscape, we stopped to pee and fly drones, we filmed, we didn’t talk much (it was like being on a club on wheels after all). We arrived in Constanta knocked, definitely not ready to party at Sunwaves. But here is where the Romanians reveal their experience in partying: they plan the arrival just in time for dinner, so they can have a nice meal, relax, maybe drink one or two and then straight to bed. Just before close your eyes they remember to set an alarm for four or five a.m. Jesus Christ! I know. They wake up fresh and full of energy, have breakfast, brush their teeth, puts on party clothes and make their way to the festival. It may seems weird going to party as the daylight start brighting up the sky (it’s usually the other way around) but once you go over the first weird impression you realised how better it is. Now you have an all day (and the following night) to party as a lion, full of energy and ready to meet nice people that actually wants to talk to you and not just throw up (higher chances during the night of course).

So where is Villalobos in all this? Good point! I didn’t forget about him, I was just creating the setting to introduce our character. So, it was around midday, the sun was hot and the girls too. The festival is divided into five stands, with five different DJs playing at the same time. In one Marco Carola was playing (God knows from when), I went there but it was all about the drops, nobody was actually dancing, just starring and then jumping, then starring and jumping again. So I left to the next one, the Romanian stand, probably the most interesting as Romanians DJs are all very good, they know how to play, when to play it and how to talk to the crowd. Not surprise this stand is always full. Next one sees our beloved Ricardo Villalobos! There’s something about him that makes me smile. I just look at him and I’m happy. How can’t you be? He has this joy all around him, that stuff is contagious. So I’m there, I’m dancing and it’s all good, cute girls smiling at me (and my camera) and the music inspiring me to dance with style. But suddenly I get bored, I want to go backstage! Usually that is not a problem as I know promoters or DJs but this time they messed up with our guest list and we don’t have backstage access in any form. But I’m not giving up. I want to go there, the reign of freedom. On that side is another world: you can smoke, drink, take whatever you like and nobody tells you shit, plus it’s always cooler dancing next to the DJ than in a dark corner on the other side. But yeah this time I had no passes so I had to improvise. I saw a DJ I knew playing back to back with Villalobos. Priku! Yes! So I walk my way towards the back with confidence and fast walking I got stopped by the security guard who wasn’t that convinced by my non existing bracelet (all I had was a stamp!). But I was stubborn and made my point: “I’m here to see Priku! He is there, I have to go!”, the guard looked at me and said: “No!”. So I said: “look I have to go to see Priku, I know Priku!” and after a good amount of times of me repeating the same three words he let me in. Unbelievable: it worked! I then realised that he might have not understood English but politely let me go after hearing hundred times the word Priku (hopefully he knew that one).

I was in the backstage. First thing was to greet Priku, my hero! So I walked straight to him. He said: “Hi! how you doing?” I didn’t have the time to reply as this guy, some kind of Ricardo’s bodyguard, saw my GoPro, did a weird face, grabbed it and gave it to Villalobos with a no-return-move. I felt as when the teacher catch you doing something you didn’t want anyone to see. It was that kind of no coming back moment in which you know you are fucked. But I had underestimate the good Ricardo. He gently grab my GoPro and started playing with it. He looked into it (to see what was inside maybe?), he shake it and then I was allowed to have it back.

Backstages are always unique but that one was a particular intense one. People on the other side had no idea what kind of wildlife was going on in there. There were two levels, people dancing on DJ’s level and others not dancing but doing entertaining themselves let’s say on the underground level. I drunk a bottle of something strong almost all by myself. Within an hour I was smashed, but I managed to get out of there in time to jump on a bus to Bucharest.

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